Bank of Slovenia


From 8 October 1991 to 31 December 2006 the currency unit of the Republic of Slovenia was the tolar, which was divided into 100 stotini. In monetary transactions the ISO currency code SIT was used to refer to the tolar. The Bank of Slovenia also issued a number of commemorative editions to mark various events and for different purposes.

Commemorative Editions Republic of Slovenia
The Republic of Slovenia issued commemorative coins to mark political, historical, scientific, cultural, sporting, humanitarian and other similar events of general importance to Slovenia or with wider international significance. The professional and technical work relating to coin issue was the responsibility of the Bank of Slovenia.



50 years anniversary of the founding of the Monetary Institute of Slovenia (1994) more

1000 years anniversary of the death of Bishop Abraham, connected with the Freising manuscripts (1994) more

50 years anniversary of the victory over nacism and fascism (1995) more

50 years of FAO (1995) more

150 years of the railways in Slovenia (1996) more

5th anniversary of independence (1996) more

100th anniversary of Slovene film (2005) more






Republic of Slovenia Commemorative & Collector Coins


100th anniversary of the birth of the national hero Franc Rozman – Stane 2011 / 2nd place

European Capital of Culture – Maribor 2012 / 3rd place